Ditch Emails For A Seamless Artwork Management System

Workplace communication is ever-evolving. 

Teams have to complete tasks and juggle projects every day. Managers constantly speak to other contributors and teams for knowledge sharing and feedback. 

They use varied communication channels like meetings, calls, video calls, emails and messaging apps.

It’s the same for artwork management.  

Brands begin work on artwork well in advance of the product release, often six months prior. In an artwork approval process, multiple teams work together from the initiation till completion.  

Keeping these teams on the same page in a growing company is a tall task. An artwork management system can change everything.     

Why is it time to ditch emails while managing artwork?

When it comes to artwork management, emails might be actually making teams unproductive.  

In a usual set up, brands have different teams and department working across projects. They design, give feedback and redesign. Some teams confirm if the information adheres to all the compliance and regulations. The senior teams finalize the artwork and eventually, proceed to production.

Revisions in artwork files are inescapable. Especially if it's an artwork for a new product or a fresh design for an existing product.

Designers receive feedback from across departments. They need to align with the marketing, brand, legal, packaging, quality control, supply chain and finance teams. 

Prepress packaging, a standard industry practice, let's the brand see if the final outcome is as satisfying as it is on the screen. 

Sometimes, brands print prototypes to see if the packaging looks good. They check the accuracy of colours, text legibility and dimensions of a design element.        

This causes a huge number of email exchange for a single artwork project. The emails multiply as the number of artwork increases.  

Consider this scenario. A senior team member sends across an email to the project manager. He/She wants to know who and when gave specific feedback on a particular artwork. Even though the request is small, the task becomes too big for the project manager. 


Because the project manager has to hunt for that feedback through seemingly never-ending email threads. 

The time spent in searching and following up adds to the timeline, delaying the product’s release. Then, why do brands still use emails for their communications?       

The most common reason brands keep using email is that everyone uses it.  

Yes, it's as simple as that. Watch how!

As brands grow, so do their teams and number of products. When they keep using emails for artwork approvals, searching for a particular email or an artwork file becomes an uphill task. It often causes uncontrollable chaos and a confusing working environment.   

When teams invest time and energy in dealing with operational difficulties, they get distracted from the project itself. This causes inefficiencies in the process and makes them open to a bigger risk for the occurrence of errors.       

That’s why more and more brands are ditching emails for an artwork management system to streamline their work.  

As part of a brand or team who manages artwork, these problems might be every day. If you are looking for an artwork management system, then this is the right place!  

So, if emails are redundant, then what?

Work better with Artwork Flow 

Adopting a powerful artwork management system can save teams a lot of trouble. 

Introducing Artwork Flow, built for growing teams that need an intuitive communication channel.  

So, what can teams do with Artwork Flow? Here are 3 ways how.  

1. Store more, find anything 

Artwork Flow is a cloud-based artwork management system where brands can store artwork files in a centralized library. It is also completely safe and secure. Authorized users can access artwork files and manage packaging assets. 

Another factor to work with Artwork Flow is version control. When a revised artwork file is uploaded, it's stamped with the date and time. This makes artwork management smarter.   

So, the next time someone asks for a previous version of the artwork, it’s as quick as a finger-snap to call up the file from the packaging asset library.  

Artwork flow | Asset Management | Version control

2. Collaborate better, view status 

Project managers are the central point of contact in any project. It's a similar setup in artwork management. They are responsible for the artwork approval process to be smoother and on track. Managing feedback through emails, calls and ad hoc makes it difficult for them to track any progress. 

Teams collaborate better on an artwork management system like Artwork Flow. Project managers can choose a timeline from templates and set down a structured process. 

Next, checklists can be created for every task. They can be individually assigned to contributors. In this way, every team member is aware of their tasks and how they can fulfill it for a smoother process.

Contributors can also annotate or drop a comment on the artwork file and give quick feedback.     

Tracking a project timeline would be difficult to track in email. That's why brands prefer to ditch emails and adopt an artwork management system. Artwork Flow can help to make the artwork approval process smoother and transparent.       

3. Proof online, be accurate 

In artwork management, artwork files often undergo innumerable revisions. That’s why it’s important to proof artwork files every single time. 

Even in larger brands, many are known to manually proof printouts of the artwork. But proofing artwork just by eye increases the risk of missing minor errors. 

On Artwork Flow, contributors can digitally proof artwork files. The online proofing suite includes pdf comparison, font finder, colour extractor and measurement scale.              

Artwork management is a time-sensitive task. Managing artworks through emails makes the process vague and full of pitfalls.

That’s why it’s essential for brands to ban emails from their artwork management communication. 

It's best to invest in an artwork management system. It'll help to speed up the approval process without losing out on the quality of the artwork.  

Are ready to ditch emails and make your teams super-productive? Sign up with the FREE Artwork Flow suite and get started!          

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