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Innovative Chocolate Packaging Concepts You Must Check Out

April 3, 2024
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Worldwide, the annual worth of the chocolate industry is approaching $100 billion. With the increasing popularity of chocolates for personal taste and gifting, companies are especially conscious for their packaging. In the August series of Packaging Innovations 2018, here we bring the innovative chocolate packaging appealing every taste bud. These packaging designs are successfully serving either of the following purposes-

  • Creating a brand identity
  • Efficient packaging
  • Inducing interactivity
  • Visually appealing

Saving Packaging Material and Still Winning It

Lindt & Sprüngli, a Swiss chocolate company has introduced an innovative chocolate packaging for its chocolate brand, Lindt Lindor. The outer packaging is made of cardboard and individual chocolate is wrapped in plastic film layered with a strip of thin aluminum foil.

The benefits of this design are the aluminum layer in the film gives barrier against moisture. The strip lamination style saves metal as well as reduces the packaging weight.

Lindt Lindor- Chocolate Packaging
Image Courtesy -

Interactive Chocolate Packaging for Children

This playful packaging is designed by Nikos Huijgen and Shirin Muradova as a student project for the food company Chocobites. It is a paper packaging targeting children of age group 4-7 years. The packaging caps can be interchanged between different flavors to add fun.

Chocobites- Chocolate Packaging
Image Courtesy: Packaging of the World

You can read more about packaging focused on children here. Also, read how Kinder Joy created packaging perfect for kids.

Classy Chocolate Packaging That Sells Experience

Inspired by the Art Deco design style, Carpe Koko, an Australian chocolatier has induced luxury, glamour, and the joy of gifting in its packaging. The idea is to make the experience of receiving and opening the chocolates more enjoyable.

The packaging involves chocolate and truffles tray which pulls out with a ribbon-pull. In the matte black cover, the gold lining adds the glamour- a classy take on branding through packaging.

Carpe Koko- Chocolate Packaging

Read more on chocolate experience packaging for Bournville and Snickers.

Handcrafted Textured Packaging

9th & Larkin is a Bean-to-bar chocolate brand incorporating unique packaging for its chocolate bars. Fos & Co designed a sleeve and wrap packaging from paper pulp. The company crafted natural texture on packaging aiming at creating a brand identity. This is one of the beautiful creative chocolate packaging designs portraying the manufacturer’s efforts on the outer look of the product.

9th & Larkin- Chocolate Packaging
Image Courtesy: Fos & Co

Chocolate Packaging Inspiring Saving Space

How about more chocolates in a single packaging?

The Signature Chocolate Cabinet by Hotel Chocolat Limited is a treat for all sweet tooth. The packaging beholds compartments homing more than a hundred pieces of chocolates and truffles. The cardboard packaging with a layer of parchment paper maintains the shelf-life of the chocolates. The packaging is a space saver and a great assortment of varieties of chocolates. Weighing about 1.5 kg, this chocolate box is indeed a grand treat.

Hotel Chocolat Limited - Chocolate Packaging
Image Courtesy: Hotel Chocolat

Packaging with Persona

The one thing that never goes off the trend is the vintage, Labnosh, a Korean food company incorporated this idea in designing its Foodbar packaging. Ahra Song designed this packaging in a vintage style with a black and white photograph depicting situations and personas. This food bar chocolate packaging material is plastic and paper using gravure and offset printing methods.

Labnosh foodbar- Chocolate Packaging
Image Curtesy:

The Symmetrical Chocolate Packaging

This time, the symmetry is between the chocolate packaging and the chocolate bar. Beau Cacao, a Malaysian handcrafted chocolate company has brought this unusual idea of embossing packaging according to the impressions on the chocolate bar. The outer packaging material is simple cardboard with golden embossing and debossing printing style.

Beau Caco- Chocolate Packaging
Image Courtesy: Beau Caco

Looking for an innovative packaging for your product. Learn more about packaging design.

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