Introducing New Types Of Mailers for Protective Packaging

Mailers reduce shipping and packing costs and have become a de facto for shipping soft goods. There are various types of mailers and with a boom in e-commerce, they are even being used over courier bags because of its superior quality and the vase space to customize the packaging.

Generally, mailers are of two types - kraft paper mailers and poly mailers. Here's a small rundown on the different types of mailers and how to choose the one best suited for your business.

Types of Mailers#1: Poly Mailers

Poly mailers are good for shipping goods that do not break during transit. These include products such as shirts, hoodies, dresses, pillows, and cushions. These items can be put inside a poly mailer and shipped directly. Poly mailers are versatile and flexible. Therefore, it is also easy to bundle goods. You can easily put more than one piece of clothing in the bag. Poly mailers can also be used to ship books. Bubble wrapping a book and shipping in a poly mailer is a common practice. Poly mailers are tear resistant. The tear resistance can be further improved by increasing the thickness of the mailer. Poly mailers also offer a wide range of custom printing options.

protective packaging - Poly Mailers

Types of Mailers #2: Kraft Paper Mailers

Kraft paper mailers are slightly expensive but a great option to ship small and light items. You can ship small jewelry or fashion accessories, hardcover books, documents, cables and chargers, computer discs and USB flash drives, products already packed in blister packaging,  or any other light-weight product that does not need a lot of protection. Kraft paper mailers are easier to open and they are eco-friendly. Also, you can use Kraft paper mailers with void fills. If you are shipping small glass jars that can break during shipping, such as flavoring essence or nail polish, then you can use Kraft mailers stuffed with void fills.

protective packaging - Kraft Paper Mailers

Types of Mailers #3: Padded Mailers

Padded mailers offer the best of both worlds. Padded mailers have either a plastic or kraft paper layer on the outside and an extra plastic padding inside. Usually, the inside is lined with a bubble wrap. The padding offers protection during shipping as well as water resistance. Padded mailers are cheaper than separately wrapping items in bubble wrap and shipping them in poly mailers.

protective packaging - padded mailers

How To Choose The Best?

Depending on your budget and need, you can choose between poly mailers, kraft paper mailers, and padded mailers. Poly mailers are cheapest and ordering in a larger quantity reduces unit costs further. Kraft paper mailers are a little expensive but they are an environment-friendly option. Kraft paper mailers are a great way of saying that your brand cares for the environment. Also, they are a good alternative for using boxes.