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Table of Contents

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7 Free Artwork Proofing Tools You Need to Bookmark Today!

April 3, 2024
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Packaging artwork is primarily for branding. But then, the content displayed can’t be entirely creative. It needs to conform to regulatory norms. Labelling errors can be drastic, especially if they interfere with consumer safety. To wary on the side of caution, it’s better to proof your artwork before sending it out for printing. 

However, proofing can be a tedious and frustrating process. It involves people from different departments— both inside the outside the company— and takes place in multiple stages. 

Feedback can come in multiple forms, and coordinating with everyone can be chaotic. In the product-to-market process, artwork proofing is one of the most significant bottlenecks. 

How can Tools Speed Up Artwork Flow

Large enterprises release multiple product SKUs, often working on hundreds of artwork files, every month. Offline and manual proofing of such a huge volume of artwork files increases the risk of errors. 

As opposed to this, online artwork proofing tools make the review process much easier. 

Automated tools such as font finder, PDF compare, online spell-check, colour extractor, barcode reader, measurement scale, don’t leave any margin for error and speed up the artwork approval flow.

Online tools help:

1. Track Changes with Artwork PDF Compare

  • Problem: Packaging artwork changes such as missing elements, placement, deviations in positions, are difficult to identify
  • Solution: An artwork PDF compare tool highlights the difference between the two artwork PDF files with different colours.
Artwork Flow - Compare two artwork pdf files. Choose flicker or difference mode to instantly see any changes in the artwork.
Comparison of two artwork files with online PDF comparison tool

2. Validate Artwork Fonts with Font Finder

  • Problem: Design guidelines have to be followed as per industry. For example, font sizes and typefaces are dictated by regulatory committees.
  • Solution: An artwork font finder tool can be used to correctly identify fonts in the artwork, and help marketers adhere to brand and industry guidelines.

3. Get Rid of Typos with Online Spell-Check

  • Problem: Spelling errors, typos can harm a brand’s reputation. These mistakes are difficult to spot during manual checks on artwork PDFs
  • Solution: An online spelling and grammar checker can help you avoid embarrassing mistakes and is a must in any artwork flow.

4. Verify Artwork Colours with Colour Extractor

  • Problem: It’s tough to identify the exact colours used in artwork as they can vary slightly based on the screen on which they’re being viewed. 
  • Solution: A colour extractor tool can help to proof colours in the artwork. It shows the colours present in the artwork in CMYK and Pantone colour codes.
Artwork Flow - The free Colour Extractor tool can help to proof colours in an artwork. It shows the colours present in the artwork in CMYK and Pantone colour codes.
Online Colour Extractor

5. Check Machine-Readable Codes with Online Barcode Reader 

  • Problem: Document viewers do not have any built-in tools to decode machine-readable codes. Hence, it can get tough to test barcodes or QR codes.
  • Solution: An online barcode decoder or reader, such as the one by Inlite, helps in proofing machine-readable codes. You can use either the artwork file or simply screenshots and validate the codes. 

6. Share Accurate Feedback with PDF24   

  • Problem: Tracking and discussing feedback, if not done right, can lead to miscommunication and errors in design.
  • Solution: Marketers can share accurate feedback by using annotation tools to show designers what modifications are necessary, using an online PDF annotation tool, like PDF24

7.  Measure Design with Online Measurement Scale

  • Problem: Inaccurate sizes of packaging labels can lead to compliance risks and, consequently, product recalls. But it can be difficult to discern the exact sizes of such elements.  
  • Solution: Online measurement scale, a free virtual ruler, allows marketers to verify dimensions of different elements on an artwork PDF file.

Wrapping Up

Manual artwork management processes are time-consuming and error-prone. While artwork approval through email and calls are traditional communication practices, they create obstacles as well. 

Online artwork proofing tools are the way forward, helping you make the review process efficient. What are the challenges you face when reviewing artwork? Is there a particular problem that’s bothering you?

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