Fix your outdated supply chain in 3 easy steps

Save costs by automatic replenishment, while digitising all paper and off system trails
from procurement till fulfilment

Catalogue Products

Create products using industry standard templates, complete with artworks and quality management details

Invite Vendors

Start an end-to-end digital transformation by including your vendors in the upscaling process


Stop procuring, and start replenishing your inventory maintaining 100% stock availability

Stop Planning. Start Optimising.

Achieve higher returns by optimising your total cost of ownership. Save on inventory costs, management bandwidth & increase to 100% stock availability

Catalogue - the way it should be done

Robust supply chains start with getting the product right. Get started with defining the right product using Bizongo's proven comprehensive catalogue.

  1. 30+ Preset Specification Templates

    Over 5 years, Bizongo has been able to standardise product specifications. Curated by the experts, your product will always be defined perfectly

  2. Enforce High Quality Procurement

    Specification templates include an in-built quality management system with recommended quantitative and qualitative tests, and integrated artwork management using Bizongo's Artwork Flow

Evolve Vendors into Partners

Vendors are a core part of your supply chain. Migrate your vendors from phone book contacts and empower them with simple-to-use, powerful tools.

  1. Save negotiation time with rate contracts

    Manage rate contracts at a per-location, per-product level to support automatic procurement and reduce manual procurement errors by 90%

  2. Online Source-to-Pay

    Reduce errors and time spent in Accounts Payable processing by using digital invoicing, payments ledger and online settlement marking.

Procurement is old. Replenishment is new.

Procurement processes have remained manual for some time. Automate your procurement workflow while keeping costs in check using our Auto-replenishment feature.

  1. Inventory-optimising Replenishment

    Maximise stock availability while keeping inventory costs in check, by linking stock buffers with automated purchase orders

  2. Custom Delivery Schedules

    Get instant access to multi-location, part-deliveries communicated in real-time with the rest of your supply chain.

Upgrade your Procurement Arsenal

Empower your team to be real-time, and data-ready to upgrade your supply chain

Auto Replenishment

Never run out of inventory

Real time inventory

Monitor levels continuously

Digitise AP

Keep financials online


Track events in real-time

Intuitive Reporting

Preset & customised reports

Work with Us to Ensure

Liquidity for smooth business operations
1 unified solution to manage multiple vendors
Uninterrupted supply chain operations

Don't wait! Contact us now to exceed your business targets.

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