Vendor DigitizationPlatform with Embedded Financing

Digitize your vendor ecosystem to unlock your business's true potential. Bring your vendors online and integrate your supply chain with theirs. Give your vendors access to embedded supply chain financing through our financial institution network, all on one AI-powered platform.

Digitize Your Vendor Ecosystem

Is managing multiple vendors offline breaking your supply chain? Digitally collaborate with all your vendors on one cloud platform. Standardize how you work with vendors and get full control of your procure-to-pay lifecycle.

AI & ML to Boost ROI

Experience the power of our state-of-the-art platform. You get enhanced visibility into all levels of your supply chain, extending to your entire vendor network right up to their raw material purchase. The AI-powered platform provides actionable insights and predictive intelligence at the right time to help you optimize your supply chain, reduce supply risks, and improve raw material procurement for your vendor network.

Unlock Growth with Embedded Financing 

Is your vendors' limited access to financing becoming a bottleneck in servicing your growing business demand? Our proprietary AI-powered transaction score, derived from behavioural and transactional data on our platform, enables financial institutions to take financing calls for your entire SME vendor network. Our platform-led embedded supply chain financing enables you to grow your and your vendors’ business at scale.

Always be 100% Compliant

Access all your documents in one place, authenticate transactions, monitor the movement of goods, and gain complete visibility into your vendors' raw material purchases. With our proprietary AI-powered transaction score you are able to assess your supply chain risk better. With these value additions through our platform, you can be rest assured that your compliance is always on.

Unique to Bizongo

Platform Interlinking Transactions & Financing

Manage your trade practices and financing as a breeze, not a burden. Digitize and authenticate your vendor transactions on our platform. We use AI to reduce transactional risk, enabling supply chain financing for your vendors at scale.

Ecosystem Empowerment through Digitization

Experience the power of a unified digitized ecosystem that connects enterprises, vendors, and financial institutions, of all sizes and industries on a single platform, creating a powerful digital network for B2B transactions.

Lightning-fast Tech Adoption

Onboard your vendors in a week’s time, enable ePOD generation quickly. Our state-of-the-art digital adoption technology makes onboarding on our platform seamless for every business.

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