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Get all your questions on efficient corrugated box procurement answered from our experts Prakash Shetty & Sachin Agrawal.

The Corrugation industry in India is highly fragmented that hinders on-time delivery, increases cost and lowers value-chain visibility on the procurement front. An indispensable part of the product value chain is Corrugated boxes and if your #1 challenge is to optimize its procurement, join the webinar to gain actionable insights.

Sachin Agrawal, Co-founder & COO, Bizongo
Prakash Shetty, Director, Bizongo

3 strategies for optimized corrugated box procurement

3 Actionable Strategies

With over four years of providing comprehensive packaging solutions to diverse brands, we have gathered interesting insights which we would like to share.  

                                                                                              Watch the complete webinar here:

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