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Digital Supply Chain Solution for PPE

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Digitizing Supply Chain to Deliver 70,000+ Safety Kits to 1500+ Pincodes in India

Urban Company is the largest home services marketplace in Asia. It provides skilled & experienced professionals with a platform to connect with individuals looking for doorstep services. When the pandemic hit, Urban Company’s daily operations came to a sudden halt. Resuming the services and bringing back their professional partners back on track was crucial. Ensuring community safety alongside was pivotal too. Bizongo’s agile digital supply chain solution fit in perfectly as per their requirement. Procuring the right PPE products for them, assembling them as PPE kits and managing their inventory altogether was pivotal. All this topped with a digital supply chain made the experience even better. In the times of social distancing, Bizongo helped them enter the doors of their customers with safety.

Digital Supply Chain Solution - One day dispatch
Digital Supply Chain Solution - Multiple Delivery Locations

Digital Supply Chain Solution - 100% supply chain visibility

Digital Supply Chain Solution for PPE - Urban Company

PPE Supply Chain Digitization

The country-wide lockdown had locked down the entry of service professionals into their customers’ homes. Post the unlock, it was crucial for Urban Company to resume their services with a focus on safety. With Bizongo’s onboarding, the organization systematically fought through this battle with Project Kavach - a program intended towards community safety. This ensured that each and every service professional was equipped with safety kits while visiting the customers. To fulfill this, Bizongo delivered 70,000+ safety kits to the doorsteps of these professionals across the country to 1500+ pincodes. Not only this, bulk shipments of PPE equipment were delivered to 4 warehouses and 21 city offices. Bizongo’s digital procurement asset Procure Live offered live order tracking and a seamless experience to the professionals. With an agile go-to-market, visibility of orders, and zero stock outs of PPE kits with platform partners, the collaboration fared well in delivering a successful digital supply chain solution. Download the case study to know how Urban Company streamlined its PPE supply chain through digitization.

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