Packaging Design for Liquid Hand Rub

Brand Design & Packaging Graphics
2 days
Conceptualization and packaging design graphics for a personal care category product

Sesa Liquid Hand Rub is a new launch in the personal care and hygiene category. The product is similar to a hand sanitizer and is powered with 70% Isopropyl Alcohol, killing 99.9% virus & bacteria instantly, without water. It acts as a germ protection for the entire family.  Another proud addition to our design portfolio.

The overall visual was designed keeping in mind the category, the target audience, and easy communication of  the product attributes. The project was a quick turn around of 48 hours and focussed on keeping the design clean and minimal while communicating the message clearly. The colour palette chosen was in accordance with the colour of the product and the colours that dominate the hand-care and sanitizer category. Blue is a colour dominant in the hygiene category and the transparent nature of the liquid ensures the communication of cleanliness and purity. Addition of green ensures connection with the natural aspect of the brand Sesa.

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