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Special Application Pouches

Special application pouches are the pouches specially customized for material, shape, size, color etc to suit certain requirements.

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ESD Pouch

ESD Pouch

ESD Pouches or Electrostatic Discharge pouch is a flexible packaging that is exclusively used as secondary packaging for certain electronics that can be damaged because of static charges. ESD pouches are made from metalized polymer sheets. They have a layer of aluminum and a dielectric player of plastic that protect the internal contents using the Faraday cage effect. Components that can be damaged from electric sparks, such as motherboards, hard disk drives, etc are all packed in ESD pouches before they are put into a retail box.
Retort Pouch

Retort Pouch

A Retort Pouch is a flexible food packaging that is made from plastic and metal foils. Retort pouches are incredibly durable and were used for military MRE. Presently, it is used for packing ready to cook food. Retort Pouches are made from a flexible metal-plastic laminate. Retort pouches can be heated to high temperatures to sterilize the inner contents without causing any damage to the packaging. Generally, retort pouches are used for packaging of ready-to-cook food, such as instant noodles, camping food, or field rations.
Vacuum Pouch

Vacuum Pouch

Vacuum Pouch is a simple plastic pouch that is used to pack food and other perishables. Generally single or multi-layer co-extruded films are used for this type of pouches. Vacuum Pouch help in increasing the shelf life of perishables by reducing the exposure to oxygen. Vacuum pouches make use of a vacuum sealing process where all the air inside the packaging is sucked out before it is sealed. The polymer layers used in the packaging prevents loss of moisture, the growth of molds or bacteria and contact with ambient air.
VCI Pouch

VCI Pouch

VCI pouches or Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor pouches are used for packaging ferrous products that can rust or corrode over time when exposed to oxygen and moisture. These pouches inhibit corrosive action and increase shelf life. These pouches are lined with anti-corrosive films that prevent rusting. These are generally used for packaging for tools, electronics, computer components, automobile and bicycle parts, electrical switches and other products with metals that can rust or corrode.
Frozen Pouch

Frozen Pouch

Frozen Pouches are flexible packaging that is specially designed for low-temperature applications. They are specially designed for ready-to-drink beverages that are generally served cold. They are used for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, including wines and cocktails and provides a low-cost solution over expensive and hard-to-manage glass bottles. Frozen pouches help reduce the packaging cost and make the products more economical while maintaining a prolonged shelf life.


Material - BOPP, PE, PET, Aluminum
A combination of above depending on requirement

Printing Type - Flexographic (Surface, Reverse), Gravure (Surface, Reverse)

Window Possible - Yes (Optional)

Standard Finishing - Matte / Gloss / Matte-Gloss

Recyclable - Yes / No
This depends on the combination of material used in developing the product.

Customizations - Thickness, Material Combination, Sizes, Finishing

Applications - Cold, normal, hot temperatures. Will depend on structure and material selected | Raw food materials such as meat, fish and vegetables, metallic tools, electronic appliances

Industry - Food & Beverages, FMCG, Pharmaceutical

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