Security Seals
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Security Seals

Security seals are tamper-evident mechanisms used to seal products in transit to provide some level of security from theft, breakage or contamination.

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Cable Tie

Cable Tie

Cable ties originally used to fasten things together now have versatile uses and are also a protective device. Cable ties made are fasteners to hold things together such as wires and electronic cables. They come in a variety of materials such as plastic, UV protected ties for outdoor uses and steel cable ties that are resistant to corrosion. These ties are today found to be used in multiple ways and in different industries.
Bolt Seal

Bolt Seal

Bolt seals are sealing devices that are used as a single-use disposable padlock. Bolt seals are extremely strong and can be applied without the use of any tools. Bolt seals strong and durable sealing devices that can only be removed using a bolt cutter. They are used for sealing doors, containers, trucks, rail cars, and so on. Bolt seals are used to secure high-value cargo shipments. These seals can also be personalized as needed.
Flap Seal

Flap Seal

Flap Seals are plastic seals commonly used as a temporary locking system as additional security on products. Flap seals are plastic seals that are used by pulling the strap through the locking head. These seals provide an extra layer of protection on the product. These seals are strong and also offer any evidence of tampering. Flap seals today found to be used in different industries for variety of functions.


Material - Plastic

Applications - Protect products in food and FMCG industry where products are mass produced

Industry -Food & Beverage, FMCG.

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