Security Printing
Protective Packaging

Security Printing

Security printing in packaging is done using modern age printing technologies. The objective is majorly to identify genuine products & avoid tampering.

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Thermochromic Label

Thermochromic Label

Thermochromic inks are used for marking genuine products. Thermochromic labels are made using these inks and tend to change color or fade when heated, and are commonly used in security printing. Usually, merely rubbing the ink with fingers can be used to trigger the change. There are different types of thermochromic inks, depending on how they respond to the head. Companies use these inks to mark certain commodities.


Hologram printing is a security printing technique on iridescent surfaces to provide protection against duplication. Holograms have been protecting many products from fraud, forgery and counterfeit for a very long time. These stickers are printed using micro-printing technologies that make them nearly impossible to replicate. Every brand can get their own unique hologram stickers at meager cost to mark their genuine products.


Barcode is a machine-readable code that eases inventory management and tracking by allowing faster identification. Barcodes are a class of machine-readable codes that can be affixed to commodities. There are different kinds of barcodes. However, the 1D barcode, which is a set of alternating black and white lines, is the most common. They are used to speed up checkout at the point-of-sale, inventory management, tracking and so on.
Tamper Evident Tape

Tamper Evident Tape

Tamper evident tapes come with finely printed graphics that stick to the surface even after the tape has been peeled. Tamper evident tapes come with finely printed graphics on the side of the adhesive. Once the tape is used to seal something, the print also sticks to the surface and is not removed once the tape has been peeled. Realigning the tape one the box is opened is almost impossible. This can be used to seal boxes or cartons that contain sensitive contents.


Material - PET, BOPP

Customizations - Color, Artwork, Thickness, Size, Shape

Applications - OT stamping in laminates where it's printed into laminate while manufacturing, inventory tracking

Industry - FMCG, Engineering, Auto-Ancillary, Consumer Durables, Retail, Cosmetics, Chemicals

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