PP Corrugated Boxes

PP Corrugated Boxes

PP corrugated boxes are lightweight & comparatively aesthetic shipping boxes made out of polypropylene (PP). They are very convenient to handle, load or unload.

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Self-Locking Box

Self-Locking Box

Self-locking PP (Polypropylene) boxes are sturdy cartons that are used to store and transport heavyweight products safely. These self-locking cartons are recyclable making them environment-friendly. It is possible to customize these boxes with a locking mechanism. They are easy to assemble and therefore act as returnable packaging.
Regular Slotted Box

Regular Slotted Box

Regular slotted cartons made of PP (polypropylene) are lightweight, durable, and stiff. They have four flaps of a length half the width of the container. The polypropylene used in making regular slotted PP containers makes them sturdy and long-lasting & hence are extensively used as returnable packaging. They can also be customized.


No of Plys - 3,5,7,9

Material - Virgin Kraft Paper, Golden Kraft Paper, Semi-kraft Paper

Flute - A,B,C,E,F

Printing Type - Flexographic, Offset, Screen

Recyclable - Yes

Customizations - Lamination, Varnishing, GSM / BF (Bursting Factor), BS & CS  (Bursting Strength / Compression Strength), Size

Applications - Secondary & Tertiary (Mostly), Food Packaging, Consumer Durables and for Odd-Shaped Products

Industry - Across All Industries

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