PET Preforms

PET Preforms

A preform is an intermediate product which is eventually blown up into bottles or containers. Preform made out of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) are called PET Preforms. PET Preforms are an excellent way of manufacturing PET bottles quickly.

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PCO Preform

PCO Preform

PCO preforms are used to manufacture PET bottles for packaging of carbonated soft drinks and juices. PCO preform is also available in a short variant with fewer threads. Both have 28mm neck diameter. They also come in a wide range of weights, ranging from 12 grams to 54 grams.
CTC Preform

CTC Preform

CTC preforms are commonly used for packaging edible oil. These preforms can be used to manufacture PET bottles that can hold around a litre of edible oil. CTC preforms are heavier than most other variants have a 29-millimetre neck diameter. The variant of preform is determined by its neck finish.
Alaska Preform

Alaska Preform

Alaska preforms are commonly used for manufacturing PET bottles for drinking water. Alaska preforms have a standard neck diameter of 26 to 28 millimetres. They can be used for making pet containers that hold up to two litres of drinking water. They are recyclable in nature.
ROPP Preform

ROPP Preform

ROPP preforms are PET preforms used in manufacturing of PET bottles for pharmaceutical applications. They have a neck diameter of 28MM. ROPP bottles have a Roll-on cap that can be applied automatically in an assembly line. PET Preforms are an excellent way of manufacturing PET bottles quickly.
HF Preform

HF Preform

HF preforms are used for packaging beverages and sauces that are filled when they are hot. Mostly, products like juices, ice-tea, ketchup, and flavored water make use of bottles built using HF preforms. PET bottles made out of HF or hot fill preforms do not deform in high temperatures. They can tolerate temperatures up to 85°C.


Recyclable - Yes

Customizations - Size, Weight

Applications - Oil, Ghee, Shampoo, Packaged Water, Beverages, Industrial Chemicals, Acids, Fertilizers, etc

Industry - Food & Beverage, FMCG, Chemicals, Auto Ancillary, Cosmetics

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