Paper Types
Paper Based Products

Paper Types

Paper is a multi-purpose product due to it's diverse formats existing in different materials. It's highly cost-effective & customizable.

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Specialized Paper

Specialized Paper

Specialized papers are heavily sought after in the commercial food sector and also for home cooking. Grease-proof paper, butter paper are types of specialized paper that are commonly used for baking and to wrap food due to their absorbent feature.
Tissue Paper

Tissue Paper

Tissue paper is a soft, lightweight absorbent paper having a wide range of applications various industries. These are made of chemical pulp and recycled fiber or from the combination. Tissue paper can be used as toilet rolls, face towel, or table napkins.
Copier Paper

Copier Paper

Copier paper is a multi-purpose paper that can be used for photocopying, printing, and writing. The paper is available in different colors and sizes. Copier paper is a high-quality paper manufactured using the latest technology. It is also very cost-effective.


Sizes - A3, A4, A5

GSM - 80-120

Paper - Grease Proof Paper, Parchment Paper, Glassine Paper, Butter Paper, Copier Paper

Customizations - Color, Size, Pattern

Applications - Photocopying and printing machines, Baking

Industry - Across all industries

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