Paper Tubes
Paper Products

Paper Tubes

Paper tubes are used to pack products inside it or to wrap the product around. They are highly customizable & extensively used to pack food & beverages as well as luxury products.

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Paper Core

Paper Core

Cores are cylindrical tubes made of paper. These are useful for storing products like tapes, tubes, clothes, and wires. Cores facilitate easy winding and unwinding of the underlying product. They are available in different diameters. They maybe heavy-duty or lightweight depending upon the application. Cores are available in white, brown, or multiple colors.
Paper Canister

Paper Canister

Paper canisters are cylindrical cans made of paper or cardboard material. The canister has a cap at the top to add or remove the content. Paper canisters have a wide variety of applications. They can be used to store food, beverages as well as gift items. Paper canisters come in different sizes that can be customized for aluminum foil coating and lamination. They have a printable surface.


Material - Semi-kraft Paper, Virgin Paper

Diameter - 3inch, 6inch

Printing Type - Offset, Screen, Flexographic, Gravure

Closing - Paper , Metal cap, Plastic cap

Customizations - Size, Lamination

Applications - Food and beverages such as chips, wine, tea powder and sporting goods, retail and luxury goods such as jewelry, perfume, and watch

Industry - FMCG, Retail, Food.

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