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Pallet is a large structure used for movement of products within or outside the warehouse. It has high stability & aid in safe movement of products.

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Injection Molded Pallet

Injection Molded Pallet

Injection molded pallets are made from HDPE plastics. These are durable, washable, recyclable, corrosion-free, durable and requires the least maintenance. Hence, can be used several times before recycling. Injection molded or IM pallets are flat transport structures useful for supporting goods while lifting. These pallets are compatible with forklifts, loader, or jacks. These are available in standard sizes and color and can be customized for enhanced load-bearing capacities.
Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallet

Wooden pallets are flat structures useful for unitizing goods and providing support while being lifted by cranes, forklifts, stackers, etc. Wooden pallets are the structural foundation of a unit load. Wooden pallets are generally made of pinewood, jungle wood, and recycled wood. Logistics, Retail, engineering, and e-commerce industries largely use wooden pallets for shipping and warehousing. These pallets can be customized for different load-bearing capacities and sizes.
Roto Molded Pallet

Roto Molded Pallet

Roto-molded pallets made of LDPE are durable, reusable, and economical. These are widely used in hygiene sensitive industries. Roto-molded or RM pallets are made from an economical rotational molding method. They allow easy handling and transportation of goods within and outside manufacturing premises. RM pallets are available in standard sizes and can be customized to have steel frames to enhance its load-bearing capacity. These are recommended for industries where hygiene is a concern.


Material - HDPE, Pinewood, Jungle wood, Recycled wood, Rubber wood, Plywood, Mild steel, Galvanized iron

Steel Reinforcement -Yes (Optional)

Sizes - 1200*1000, 1200*800, 1200*1200

Standard Colors - Blue, Orange, Black, Green

Load Bearing Capacity -Variants available depending on load capacities

Top Surface - Flat, Perforated

Customizations - Size, Color, Surface Texture

Applications - Warehousing,

Industry - Across all industries

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