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Packing tapes are pressure-sensitive adhesive strips made out of plastic used to close or seal packaging during storage or transit. Tapes can have adhesive to either just one side or even both.

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Double-Sided Tape

Double-Sided Tape

Double-sided or two-sided tapes are an alternative to glue or light-duty mounting and attaching tasks. They adhere well to paper, plastics, and wood. Double-sided tapes come with a pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides. They are great for attaching documents, mounting boards and so on. Double-sided tapes provide neater results than glue since they can be managed much more easily. It makes packaging and wrapping tasks faster and cleaner.


BOPP tapes are the most commonly used packaging tape that has excellent optical and mechanical properties with ample room for customization. BOPP of Bi-axially polypropylene tapes is the most popular packing tape that is available with different types of adhesives. The hot melt adhesives are the most common. BOPP tapes are low cost and can be customized quite easily with branding. Furthermore, these tapes can also be made from recycled polymers.
Scotch Tape

Scotch Tape

Scotch tapes are pressure sensitive transparent tapes that are commonly used for packaging, arts, and craft, and is the preferred option in homes and offices. Scotch tapes are transparent tapes with pressure-sensitive adhesives. These tapes are commonly used to sticking on paper. Scotch tapes can be customized and can even be written upon using pens or markers. Scotch tapes are eco-friendly as they are partly constructed from recycled materials.


Printing Possible - Yes Standard - 4 color printing available

Width - 1.5 inch, 2, 3

Standard Colors - Transparent, Brown

Customizations - Thickness, Width, Color, Artwork

Applications - Packaging and wrapping, bundling, water proofing

Industry - Across All Industries

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