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Packing straps are a kind of harness used to secure products during transportation to avoid any damage. They are also used in bundling during the shipping process. Packing straps have high tensile strength & elasticity and don't break easily.

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PET Strap

PET Strap

PET straps are strong plastic cords widely used in packaging. These are ideal for duty unitizing, palletizing, and bundling. PET straps are made from polyethylene terephthalate and are a good substitute for steel straps. It is suitable for both- manual strapping and chip sealing or battery operated PET strap sealing tool. PET straps are available in different standard lengths, widths, and colours. These can also be customized to support greater breaking load.
PP Strap

PP Strap

PP straps or polypropylene straps are suitable for packaging and bundling. They offer good tensile strength and elasticity. PP straps ensure good tensile strength, elasticity, and can withstand high-tension strapping. These can withstand transit temperature variations and therefore are preferred in the packaging supply chain. PP straps are economical and can be customized for width, thickness, and breaking load. It is possible to heat weld or fasten PP straps with buckles.


Material - Virgin grade, semi virgin grade

Printing Possible - Yes

Standard Colors - White, green, transparent

Customizations - Width, thickness, breaking load

Applications -Packaging, duty unitizing, palletizing, and bundling

Industry - Across all industries

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