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Packaging tube is a long, cylindrical, hollow piece of packaging. These tubes are in widespread use for storage of cosmetics & other viscous liquids like toothpaste, medical ointments etc

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Co-Extruded Tube

Co-Extruded Tube

Co-extruded plastic tubes are used in cosmetic, industrial, or pharmaceutical areas. They have a seamless exterior since they are manufactured by simultaneous extrusion of multiple layers of plastics. This provides a seamless sheet of tubing with a smooth exterior. Even after handling, co-extruded tubes retain their shape and are not deformed easily. They can be customized easily and can be combined with tamper-evident seals.
Laminated Tube

Laminated Tube

Laminated tubes have multiple layers for increased aesthetic durability and appeal. They generally come in two forms – foil laminates and all plastic laminates. Laminated tubes have the durability of an aluminum tube, but the looks of a plastic tube. Laminated tubes can be made from plastics, such as layers of polyethylene, Ethylene vinyl alcohol, different co-polymer layers and so on. Alternatively, they can also use an aluminum layer sandwiched between plastic.


Printing Type - Flexographic

Recyclable - Yes / No
This depends on the combination of material used in developing the product.

Applications - Lotions, Facewash, Volini, Sauces, Mayonnaise

Industry - Cosmetics, Food & Beverages, Pharmaceutical

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