Non-Woven Sacks

Non-Woven Sacks

Non-woven polypropylene sacks or bags are lightweight, breathable and recyclable sacks extensively used in retail. The texture created by woven fabric that is breathable and washable.

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Multi Wall Kraft Sack

Multi Wall Kraft Sack

Multi-wall Kraft paper bags are durable, and recyclable non-woven bags can be used for storing and transporting. Multi-wall Since they are made from paper, they are eco-friendly & highly customizable and can be easily printed on. They are also an excellent choice for packaging of building materials such as sand and cement, food products such as rice or flour, grains and seeds, and even chemical fertilizers.
PP Non-Woven Sack

PP Non-Woven Sack

Non-woven polypropylene sacks or bags are lightweight, durable, breathable and recyclable sacks that are mostly used as grocery bags or as carrying bags. More heavy sacks for shipping and transportation are also available. Non woven PP sacks are made from poly- propylene fibers. They are heated in air to make long and fluffy threads that are pressed together to create a fabric with a weave-like structure.


Material - Testliner, Kraftliner, White Kraftliner

Walls - 2, 3

GSM - 180+

Printing Possible - Yes

Printing Type - Offset, Flexographic, Screen

Recyclable - Yes

Customizations - Size, GSM, Artwork, Lamination

Applications - Bulk packaging of grains, powders, granules, chemicals

Industry - Pharmaceutical, Chemicals, Food & Beverage, Ecommerce, Auto Ancillary

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