Mono cartons are cartons used for compact packaging of products. They are highly customizable & facilitates a large number of applications across industries.

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Bag-in-Box Monocarton

Bag-in-Box Monocarton

Bag in Box mono carton consists of a strong bladder or plastic bag enclosed within a corrugated paperboard box. Bag in box cartons are generally used for liquid and semi-liquid packaging. The plastic bag is provided to the manufacturer for filling the liquid product separately. After filling, the bag is inserted in the mono carton box with required fixtures. These cartons are printable and can be customized.
Window Patch Monocarton

Window Patch Monocarton

Window patch mono cartons have an opening to display the products. This opening is covered with a thin transparent film. Mono cartons with window patch are commonly used for consumer goods to display the products. These cartons are made of a single piece of paperboard and folded to give them the desired shape. It is possible to customize them for size and print. The window patch or opening in the carton showcases the product.
Straight Tuck End Monocarton

Straight Tuck End Monocarton

The top and bottom flaps of the straight tuck end mono cartons fold from the rear panel and tuck into the front panel. Straight tuck end (STE) mono cartons enhance the package finish. The front side of STE mono cartons can also have a window or opening for product display. STE cartons can be assembled manually or through an automatic assembly line. These cartons are recyclable and can be customized for printing, shape, and sizes.
Lined Monocarton

Lined Monocarton

Lined monocartons are foldable cartons with an inner protective layer of paper or aluminum foil. These mono cartons are suitable for packing products that require isolation from air and moisture. Lined cartons are made by folding a single piece of paperboard. These boxes are printable, recyclable, and available in custom sizes.
Auto Lock Bottom Monocarton

Auto Lock Bottom Monocarton

The base of the auto lock bottom mono cartons locks automatically after folding, preventing the box to open during handling. Auto lock bottom mono cartons are suitable for assembling the boxes faster for packaging and shipping. These cartons eliminate the need for packaging tapes or glues..


Material -Paperboard

GSM - 200-480

Printing Type - Offset, Flexo, Screen

Customizations - Lamination, Varnishing, GSM

Applications - Primary & Secondary

Industries - All

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