Meal Trays
Non Paper Based Packaging

Meal Trays

Meal Trays are the easiest way of packing and delivering meals. They can contain solid as well as liquids food items. They can be customized for number of compartments & lids.

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Bagasse Tray

Bagasse Tray

Bagasse tray has compartments to carry different food items. It is made out of sugarcane fiber and is a better alternative to paper-based trays. Bagasse trays are not printable, but branding is possible through embossing. These are microwaveable and do not alter the food properties even on heating and storing for a long time.
Cornstarch Tray

Cornstarch Tray

Cornstarch Tray is a meal tray that holds multiple compartments to carry different kinds of food. Cornstarch meal tray with 5 compartments used in the food industry to serve a whole meal. These trays are a good alternative to paper-based trays and hold different kinds of food with ease. They are customizable as well.
Multi Compartment Tray

Multi Compartment Tray

Multi-compartment hinged lid tray has the cover lid attached within the meal tray. Multi-compartment hinged lid tray includes an inbuilt locking system. The knuckle-on-tab mechanism prevents the lid from opening unintentionally. They provide good insulation for the food items and can also be used as a disposable lunch box.


Material - PP, HIPS, PET

Lids - Yes

No of Compartment - 2,3,4,5,8

Types - Plate, Tray

Microwaveable - Only PP

Shape - Circular, Square, Rectangular

Customization - No of Compartment, Embossing, Color, Labelling, Microwavable, Dimensions

Industry - Food & Beverages

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