Master Cartons

Master Cartons

Master Cartons are large sized boxes generally used during storage & transport. They are recyclable & easy to handle.

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Telescopic Master Carton

Telescopic Master Carton

Telescopic cartons contain a separate top that fits over the bottom or a separate body. Such cartons contain a number of unjointed parts. Telescopic cartons are widely used in the shipping industry. It is possible to customize these cartons These master cartons are also suitable for storing food products, which require even ventilation. These also contain different degrees for Flute for enhanced quality.
Regular Slotted Master Carton

Regular Slotted Master Carton

Regular Slotted Containers (RSC) have same length flaps with the outer flaps half the container’s width. These are commonly used as custom shipping boxes. Regular slotted containers are one of the most common shipping boxes used in almost all industries. These boxes save a considerable amount of packaging material. It is possible to customize these cartons to include bottom padding for additional support.
Fully Overlapped Master Carton

Fully Overlapped Master Carton

Fully overlapped master cartons have all flaps of the same length, equal to the width of the box. The four flaps completely cover each other. These are one of the most common corrugated boxes used in shipping and are available in square and rectangular dimensions. The overlapping flaps provide additional cushion to sustain rough handling. These cartons are stackable at the bottom and on sides.


No of Plys - 3,5,7,9

Paper - Virgin Kraft Paper, Golden Kraft Paper, Semi-kraft Paper

Flute - A,B,C,E,F

Printing Type - Flexographic, Offset, Screen

Applications - Secondary & Tertiary, Shipping heavy items or for long transportation

Industry - All (Mostly E-commerce and Logistics)

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