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A label is a piece of paper, plastic film, cloth, metal, or other material affixed to packaging or product. On the label is printed information or symbols about the product or item.

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Heat Transfer Label

Heat Transfer Label

Heat Transfer labels or HTL technology make use of heat and pressure to transfer ink from a label substrate directly to the surface of a packaging. The ink permanently adheres to the container once it has been transferred. This type of labeling is exceptionally resistant to moisture and chemicals. Furthermore, these do not easily scuff, blister or peel.
Shrink Label

Shrink Label

Shrink labels are labels that are printed on shrink films what tightly wrap around the product when heated. They offer more flexibility to oddly shaped packaging. When heated, the shrink film sleeve tightly wraps the product in its shape. It can be used to label multi-packs and can be used as a part of a tamper-resistant seal too.
In-Mold Label

In-Mold Label

In-mold labels are paper or plastic labels that are inserted into the mold of the plastic container during the injecting molding allowing the label to seamlessly integrated with the packaging. The label is inserted into the mold before the process beings. The printing is done on the back of a transparent substrate that is fused with the packaging.
Self Adhesive Label

Self Adhesive Label

Pressure-sensitive or self-adhesive labels are versatile labels with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that come in color & can be used in a wide range of environments. They are applied to products by merely pressing them onto the product. Once the backing is peeled off, it can be applied directly on another surface. These labels can be customized & laminated for increased durability.
Direct Thermal Label

Direct Thermal Label

Direct thermal labels are made using heat-sensitive media that darkens when heated. Such labels are used for long-lasting and accurate monochromatic labels. Therefore, direct thermal labels are excellent for printing barcodes as they can print with very tight tolerances and produces excellent edge definition. Direct thermal labels are used to print 1D or 2D barcodes, text, and graphics.


Material - PVC, BOPP, PP, PET, Paper

Adhesive Type - Acrylic / Starch Based / Solvent Based

Printing Type - Flexographic

Customizations - Shape, Thickness, Size, Finishing, Artwork

Applications - Bulk Packaging, Wrapping, Branding, Bundling, Barcodes

Industry - Across All Industries

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