Hardboard Boxes

Hardboard Boxes

Hardboard boxes are sturdy boxes used for packaging variety of products across industries. They are made out of thich paper stock or heavy paper pulp & are recyclable in nature.

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Slider Box

Slider Box

Slider hardboard boxes open like a drawer. The only difference being that they can open from both the sides. They are used to pack chocolates, watches, crayons, premium pens, CDs, DVDs, and expensive jewelry. The outside of the box can be white or brown. The box can be layered with kraft papers, foils, or cardboard for decoration and additional protection.
Magnetic Locking Box

Magnetic Locking Box

The magnetic locking hardboard boxes contain a magnet pieces, which automatically closes the box thereby ensuring the safety of products within. The magnetic lock prevents the items from falling off or getting lost. Magnetic Lock Hard Boxes can have an exterior made up of leather, fabric or paper. The exterior can have a glossy or matte finish as per customer needs.
Collapsible Box

Collapsible Box

Collapsible boxes can be assembled within seconds. Since they are flat when delivered, they make transportation easier. They are available in multiple sizes and color options to suit customer’s needs. Collapsible boxes provide stylish storage for home and office. These are suitable for on-demand delivery of products from manufacturing plant to retailers.
Top Bottom Box

Top Bottom Box

These boxes have individual top cover and base piece. It is possible to customize these boxes for different sizes and height. Generally, these boxes are not printed but use hot stamping or gloss lamination for branding. Top bottom hardboard boxes are commonly used for packaging consumer goods like shoes and gift items.


Material - Kappa Board, Hardboard, Art Paper

Standard Thickness - 3mm, 5mm

Printing Type -Offset, Screen

Customizations - Lamination, Varnishing, GSM, Board Thickness

Applications - Luxury goods, Gifting, Premium food products

Industry -Consumer Durables, Retail, Food & Beverages

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