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Gusseted Pouches

Gusseted pouches are pouches with an extra layer called gusset added in order to increase the size & strength of the pouch. These gussets can be attatched either at the botton or on the sidesbasis their requirement.

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Window Patched Gusset Pouch

Window Patched Gusset Pouch

Window patched pouches are primarily opaque flexible packaging that has a small window made from a transparent polymer that allows customers to view the product inside the packaging. Such windows are often seen in metalized pouches for food packaging. Window patched pouches are commonly used in food packaging so that customers can check the freshness of the content before buying.
Spouted Bottom Gusset Pouch

Spouted Bottom Gusset Pouch

A Spouted Bottom Gusset Pouch comes with a bottom gusset that allows it to stay in a vertical position on store shelves. The resealable spout provides a long shelf life and easy storage even after the pouch has been opened. A Spouted Bottom Gusset Pouch is generally used for packaging of liquid products such as ketchup, sauces, and mayonnaise, liquid soaps or glass cleaning solutions.
Ziplock Bottom Gusset Pouch

Ziplock Bottom Gusset Pouch

Ziplock bottom gusset pouches are stand up pouches with a bottom gusset and come with an added Ziplock that allows it to be resealed even after the packaging is opened. The bottom gusset provides extra storage and support. These pouches are a type of stand-up pouches that can also be kept in a vertical position on the shelves. The Ziplock implementation can vary from pouch to pouch. The single track zipper is common.
Bottom Side Gusset Pouch

Bottom Side Gusset Pouch

Gusseted pouches are pouches have extra packaging film sealed to the side or the bottom of the pouch that allows it to expand when it is filled, thereby providing more storage capacity over a flat pouch. The gusset is made from the same material that the pouch is made of and is heat-sealed to the sides or the bottom of the packaging. Once inflated, the pouch can stand on its own. These pouches are extensively used in food packaging as well as other industries since they allow the product to be displayed both vertically and horizontally.


Material - BOPP, PE, PET
A combination of the above materials will be used depending on the requirement

Printing Type - Flexographic (Surface, Reverse), Gravure (Surface, Reverse)

Zipper Possible - Yes (Optional)

Zipper Type - Single-sided, Double-sided

Window Possible - Yes (Optional)

Spouted Opening - Yes (Optional)

Standard Finishing - Matte / Gloss / Matte-Gloss

Recyclable - Yes / No
This depends on the combination of material used in developing the product.

Customizations - Thickness, Material Combination, Sizes, Finishing

Applications - Health drinks, pickles, chips, biscuits

Industry - Food & Beverages, FMCG, Pharmaceutical

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