Fluted (E/F) Cartons

Fluted (E/F) Cartons

Corrugated Flutes are the S shaped waves/arches of a corrugated box that makes up the board. These flutes reinforce rigidity & crushing/stacking strength in the cartons.

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30k Tonnes

Manufacturing Capacity across India


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Auto Lock Bottom Carton

Auto Lock Bottom Carton

Auto-lock bottom cartons are ideal for faster assembling. They requires the least manual efforts to assemble the carton for packaging and shipping. These cartons do not need packaging tapes to seal the bottom. The auto-lock bottom cartons assembly process is less tedious and looks more professional than regular cartons. The Flutes in these cartons give them additional strength to carry heavier loads.
Pasted Lock Bottom Carton

Pasted Lock Bottom Carton

Pasted lock bottom Fluted cartons have bottom pasted with a high-quality adhesive to provide support for heavy products. These cartons find applications in safe storage and movement of products like ice-creams. The technology for making Fluted cartons with pasted lock bottom produces sturdy boxes. The box is available in different shapes, sizes, thickness etc. as per needs of the industry.
Self-Locking Carton

Self-Locking Carton

Self-locking Fluted cartons are sturdy cartons that can be used for storage of perishable items like food and non-perishable items like mobiles etc. Self-locking cartons are suitable for packing individual products in almost all industries. Flutes give these cartons additional strength. Self-locking cartons are recyclable making them environment-friendly. These cartons come in custom sizes and are easy to assemble.


No. of Plys -3,5

Material - Semi Kraft Paper, Virgin Kraft Paper, Golden Kraft Paper, Duplex Paperboard

Flutes - A,B,C,E,F

Printing Type - Offset, Screen, Flexo

Applications -Secondary & Primary, Food Packaging such as ice-creams, butter, Electronic Goods, Customised Retail and Cosmetics.

Industry -Across All Industries

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