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Packaging envelopes are highly recommended and adopted for e-commerce industry. They are also popularly used in the gifting sector. It's a highly customizable packaging product & may be handmade and manufactured using machines for bulk orders.

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Kraft Envelope

Kraft Envelope

Kraft Envelope can be used to store documents, brochures, pamphlets, invitations, bills and greeting cards. The top of the envelope can have different types of closing mechanisms like peel and stick adhesive, sticker, button and string etc. The envelope may be reusable depending upon the type of closing mechanism.
Cloth Mesh Lined Envelope

Cloth Mesh Lined Envelope

Cloth mesh line envelope consists of a cloth layer inside the envelope. This layer provides extra protection to the contents of the envelope. The envelope is thus more stiff and sturdy than the usual paper envelope. Cloth mesh line envelope comes in pale yellow, brown, and green color. The size can vary according to the customers’ requirements.
Bubble Envelope

Bubble Envelope

Bubble envelope has an outer layer of paper and an inner layer of bubble wrap. It is used to store and transport important documents like passport, CD/DVD, books, medicines, etc. Bubble wrap layer provides cushioning and ensures that inserting and removing the product is smooth and quick. Bubble envelope being lightweight helps in saving shipment costs.
Printed Paper Envelope

Printed Paper Envelope

Printed paper envelopes can be used for wrapping cash and gift card. Such envelopes find applications in festivals like Diwali, Eid etc. and occasions like engagement, marriage, birthday and baby shower. Sometimes, printed paper envelopes may be handmade and manufactured using machines for bulk orders.


Material - Duplex Board, Maplitho Paper, Art Paper

GSM - 100-400

Pasting - Manual, Automatic

Lamination - Yes (Optional)

Embossing - Yes (Optional)

Flap Gumming -Yes (Optional)

Customizations - Artwork, Thickness, Size, Colors, Material

Applications - Bank statements, Cash Pouches, Apparel

Industry - Across All Industries

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