Cushioning & Void-Fill
Protective Packaging

Cushioning & Void-Fill

Cushioning and void fill packaging solutions are used to prevent bruising or breaking of products during storage or transit by filling the extra space in the box or adding an extra layer on the product itself. These are popularly used in the e-commerce industry.

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Foam Sheet

Foam Sheet

Foam is a class of void fill for packaging that is made from Polyethylene, Polyurethane, or Polystyrene. These void fills protect contents from bumps and drops. Foam is one of the most common void fill options. Foam sheets are reusable void fills and are either available as sheets or can be cut according to a predefined size and shape. They can be used to protect shipments during transit, or can even be used in retail packaging.
Air Column / Pillow

Air Column / Pillow

Air columns or air pillows are essentially air-filled plastic bags that are heat-sealed. These small inflated plastic pillows are used as a void-fill to protect shipments during transit from bumps, drops, or vibrations. Air columns or air pillows are a low-cost and lightweight void fill option. When used as void-fill, these almost add no weight to the shipment. Since air pillows can be inflated on demand using air filling machines, storing them is quite easy.
Bubble Wrap

Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is one of the most common void fill options used in the packaging industry. It is a proven solution to protect products from drops, bumps, scratches, and vibrations. Bubble wraps are a favorite void fill option for many. It is cheap, reusable, easy to store in the form of rolls and provides adequate protection to fragile products. Moreover, bubble wrap is highly flexible and can be used with any type and size of packaging.
Paper Filler

Paper Filler

Paper filler are low-cost and recyclable void fill that is used for filling in the void in case of rigid boxes. Paper fillers are often preferred over other void fillers for aesthetic reasons. Paper fillers, often known as crinkle paper are shredded pieces of paper that are used to fill in voids on rigid packaging. Crinkle paper is available in multiple colors can be used as a decorative component of the packaging, besides being used as a void fill only. Paper fillers are more eco-friendly than other void fill options.


Material - EPE, PU, PP, LDPE

GSM - 50 microns & above

Lamination - Yes (Optional)

Recyclable/Biodegradable Available- Yes

Standard Colors - White

Customizations - Thickness, Color, Printing, Shape, Size, Color, Shredding Size, Material

Applications - Void fill for fragile products such as electronics ceramics, glassware, etc.

Industry - Auto-Ancillary, Consumer Durables, eCommerce, Engineering, Retail, FMCG

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