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Bowl is a deep round dish with or without a lid used to store food, generally semi-liquid or liquid. They can be disposable basis the material they are made of.

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Bagasse Bowl

Bagasse Bowl

Bagasse bowl is a 100% biodegradable, disposable bowl suitable to carry both hot and cold, solid and liquid food items. Bagasse bowl is made from sugarcane fiber, which is a better alternative to plastic. Bagasse bowls are microwave as well as freezer safe. It is available in custom shapes and dimensions and allows embossing the brand name or sticking labels.
Plastic Bowl

Plastic Bowl

Plastic bowls are rigid containers with high impact resistance. These are reusable, recyclable and food grade containers suitable for all types of food items. These are lightweight containers and microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe. Plastic bowls are available with and without lids according to users’ requirements. These are available in custom color, shape, and sizes.
Foil Container

Foil Container

Aluminum foil containers are disposable bowls suitable to carry hot and wet liquid. Aluminum foil containers are also suitable for baking, refrigeration, roasting, fresh-keeping, etc as they can withstand heating and freezing. The foil containers with a lid or closure are commonly used in packaging food for delivery. These are recyclable and it is possible to emboss the brand name.


Material - PP, HIPS, PLA, Aluminum, Bagasse

Volume - Standard Volume sizes or customized

Biodegradable - Yes (Only PLA & Bagasse)

Lid - Optional

Customizations - Shape, Dimensions, Embossing, Teflon Coating

Industry - Food & Beverages

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