Blow Molded Bottles
Narrow Mouth Containers

Blow Molded Bottles

Blow molded bottled are formed using the industrial process of blow molding that forms & joins hollow parts. It is cheaper than injection moulding. Blow-molded bottles are generally used to store liquids.

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Glass Bottle

Glass Bottle

Glass bottles are recyclable, reusable, and do not interact with the content inside. Narrow mouth glass bottles are made by blow molding process. They are suitable for storing viscous and semi-viscous liquid items. Glass is a food grade material and retains the flavor and texture of product unaltered for a long time. These can be customized further.
PET Bottle

PET Bottle

PET bottles made with blow molding process are ideal for storing liquid products of different levels of viscosity like oil, lubricants, shampoo, detergents, etc. PET (polyethylene) is known for good tensile strength and a high degree of impact resistance. These bottles are recyclable and can have custom print, size, overfill capacity, and neck style.
HDPE Narrow Mouth Bottle

HDPE Narrow Mouth Bottle

Blow molded HDPE narrow mouth bottles are best for packaging oil, detergents, lubricants, shampoos, etc. These are recommended for hygienic packaging. These bottles are crack resistant and do not interact with the content inside. It is possible to print these bottles. These containers can also be customized for shape, size, overfill capacity, and neck style.
HDPE Jerry Can

HDPE Jerry Can

HDPE Jerry cans are widely used in automotive and chemicals industries to store and pour oils, lubricants, detergents, etc. HDPE Jerry cans made from blow molding process are hollow containers suitable for storing viscous and non-viscous liquid products. The HDPE material offers high impact strength and excellent chemical resistance. These cans have a printable surface and also allow sticking labels. It is possible to customize jerry cans for overfill capacity, artwork, and neck type.


Printing Type -Screen printing

Recyclable - Yes

Neck Type - Screw thread Neck, Lug thread Neck

Customizations -Weight, Overfill Capacity, Shape, Neck Type, Handle

Applications - Oils, Ghee, Liquid Detergents, Shampoos, Fertilizers, Industrial Chemicals, Lubricants, Medicines

Industry - Food & Beverage, FMCG, Chemicals, Auto Ancillary, Pharmaceutical

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