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Bins are a significant part of warehouse management system (WMS). Storage bins play an imporant role in controlling the movement and storage of goods and/or materials within a warehouse. They also prove helpful in processes like shipping, receiving, put away and picking.

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FPO (Front Partially Open) bins are small to medium-sized containers made of HDPE with a wide orifice in front. FPO bins or crates are generally used in the automotive and electronics industry for stable storage arrangements and industrial shelving. These are easy to move and are suitable for high-density small-component storage at a minimum of floor space. FPO bins are available in different sizes and can be customized for partitions.


Icebox is also known as a cold closet. It is a compact, non-mechanical refrigerator useful for storing perishable food and beverages. Iceboxes are the compact cooling containers used to preserve perishable food during delivery and short-term storage. They are available in different capacities ranging from 6 to 110 liters. An icebox is generally made from food-grade PU filled PE. It is possible to customize them for a tap, lid, long handle, wheels, and vent.


Dustbins are containers for storing waste temporarily. Wheelie-bins, light plastic bins are commonly used for collecting waste from outside buildings. Plastic dustbins made from HDPE are durable and easy to load in the truck for waste collection. These bins are lightweight and come in different capacities. They can be customized to add lids and wheels to enhance portability. Industrial dustbins are also available in standard colors for differentiating the categories of waste.


Material - HDPE, PU Filled PE, PP

Volume (In Litres) - 110/120/360/660/1100/6 /14/25/50/60 + Multiple variations in industry standards

Printing Possible - Yes

Food Grade - Yes

Additional Features - Tap / Vent / Lid / Wheel / Long Handle / Rope

Standard Colors - Green / Yellow / Red / Blue

Customizations - Color, Printing

Applications - Waste collection, storage of spare parts in industries, home delivery services, storage of medicines

Industry -Across all industries

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