3 Piece Tin Cans
Metal Cans

3 Piece Tin Cans

3 piece metal cans are made out of three thin metal plates of the can body, the bottom of the can and the can lid. It has great rigidity & is highly customizable.

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30k Tonnes

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Can With Easy Open End

Can With Easy Open End

3 Piece tin Cans with easy open lid are cylindrical containers suitable for storing goods that are consumed immediately after opening the packaging. These cans can store both liquid and semi-liquid products. It is possible to print these cans for branding and describing product information. Tin cans are recyclable and customizable. It is possible to print on the can for branding.
Can With Press Fit Lid

Can With Press Fit Lid

3 Piece tin cans with a press fit lid are cylindrical in shape and are available in different sizes depending on the requirement. The contents inside such cans can be preserved for a longer period of time owing to inner and outer coating in these containers that protect from any chemical reaction. It is majorly used in food and FMCG industries. It is possible to print these cans for branding.


Recyclable - Yes

Printing Type -Screen Printing

Applications - Ghee, Paint

Customizations - Artwork, Size

Industry - Food & Beverage, FMCG, Chemicals, Auto Ancillary

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