Is Your Project Management Tool Compatible for Design Projects?

Do you use a project management tool/ software for your business? 

There’s a high probability you do and you aren’t alone. 77% of high-performing projects use project management software. There’s no getting around it: organizations these days cannot function without such software. The large volume of data and the global nature of the team are huge factors responsible for this adoption.

But, are these software enough? When it comes to highly complex design, packaging, and artwork process, do they make the cut? 

Chances are, they don’t. This is why for design purposes, it is always better to go for a specialized artwork software than a generic project management one.

But first, let’s investigate: what do artwork management systems have that project management software don’t?

Offerings of Project Management Platforms

Let’s take the example of a team and project management platform, Monday.com. A quick tour of the website introduces you to the following features:

  • Workflow creation
  • Tracking time and tasks
  • Adding text, numbers, and links
  • Easy collaboration
  • Pleasing visuals

These are essential features to have for any project management tool. But are they enough?

Every industry is unique, with unique project natures and demands. Generic features only cut it so much. 

Project Management Tools vs Artwork Management Platform

Just as you won’t go to a general consulting doctor when you need a cardiologist, you won’t go for a Project Management software when you really need an artwork one.

This is because design and artwork projects do not require only the basic features listed above. This will help to compare better:

Feature - Is it present in PM platforms or artwork platforms?

  • Digital artwork proofing - Only on artwork platforms
  • Optimization for design processes - Only on artwork platforms
  • Ease of collaboration - Present on both
  • Asset Library - Only on artwork platforms
  • Analytics - Present on both

In view of the above requirements, the packaging and designing marketplace needs customizable and collaborative artwork management solutions.  

Artwork Flow To The Rescue

If your project is The Hulk, then we have a Thanos-esque solution to outsmart it.

Image result for hulk and thanos

The solution is Artwork Flow. It aims to target the bull’s eye for providing solutions and will help in the following ways:

  • In-time on-time- The work is calendar-based, and you’ve to delegate various tasks. Designing, artwork, marketing, and packaging are to be done by multiple teams. Artwork Flow will ensure that you are on time. With its time tracking feature, you can nail all your tasks adhering to timelines. If you don’t… well, the market isn’t waiting for you.
  • Proofing art-box- Artwork management requires continuous proofing. Wrong artworks incur considerable losses to finances, investment in human resources and work hours. As a free tool for graphical and textual proofing, you have the power to proof your artwork at every step until the final picture is prepared, and you are 200% satisfied with it.
  • Step-wise task control- Following a systematic and methodical approach  is required when your artwork project is massive. Artwork Flow allows you to do this while ensuring control and access is given on a role-by-role basis only.
  • Indispensable feedback factor- In the artwork approval process, feedback is unavoidable and often includes a lot of back-and-forths. Artwork Flow’s features can help to smoothen and speed up the process by making it easy to share and receive feedback.
  • Storage space & version control- Because companies work on large artwork projects, it is mandatory to save changes of different versions prepared. Artwork Flow comes with a free cloud storage facility, which you can use to mandate the requirement as well as utilize the cloud storage space as desired. No version is ever lost.


There is a notable difference between how a regular project works and how artwork and design projects work. Thus, simple project management tools don’t cut it. 

The ideal tool is a time-saving and secure framework, which is a digitized, cloud-based platform of version control that evolves with the technicalities to face the process challenges and problems.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to hit the nail right on the head and nail your artwork management with the best tool there is!

Easily Update Product Labels With Artwork Flowhttps://artwork.bizongo.com/sign-up

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